10 Facts About Emotional Intimacy That Will Instantly Improve Your Relationship

10 Facts About Emotional Intimacy That Will Instantly Improve Your Relationship |

When feelings are no longer enough to keep the fire blazing, emotional connection is the glue that maintains a relationship healthy and balanced. Intimacy can be a basic, everyday fact; it can be a habit, and it can be a regular practice. However, it has the potential to blow your mind and make you fall in love all over again with the person sitting next to you. We often associate the word “intimacy” with sex simply because we understand it. While it is correct, there is much more to a relationship’s closeness than meets the eye.

Here are 10 Facts about Emotional Intimacy that Will Instantly Improve Your Relationship;

  1. In order to be felt, feelings must be shared.

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When they’re in a relationship, both men and women want to feel deeply loved. You must express your feelings in order for this to happen. Allowing negative ideas to build up inside of you and expressing them out loud is not a good idea. This gives the other person the opportunity to empathize with you. Those bad ideas will slip away into nothingness if your love for each other is genuine. We want to feel, but we also need the other to verbalize our feelings. That’s what I’m talking about when I say genuine intimacy.

  1. In a love relationship, closeness is a skill that must be learned

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In a relationship, emotional closeness is better characterized as the urge to interact with your mind and body. You and your significant other share strong emotions and feelings, and you endeavor to learn about each other mentally, physically, and emotionally. When emotional closeness is discussed, uncertainty arises, causing us to be stirred and shaken. On the street, we witness married couples who act as if they’ve only been dating for a week while, in reality, they’ve been married for decades. Is it possible to have that kind of connection with someone after being married or in a relationship for years and years? Absolutely!

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When you’re with the right person, someone who can see past the social barrier, you have the opportunity to get to know them on a deeply personal level and never get bored.


  1. Emotional and psychological intimacy are inextricably intertwined

Sharing emotions and intimacy

Psychological intimacy rewires the brain, making it believe that respect and trust are the fundamental ingredients to a fruitful romance. Emotional intimacy instills a curiosity to know what the other thinks and feels; emotional intimacy instills a curiosity to know what the other thinks and feels. On a psychological level, the most important aspect of a partnership is honesty. That relationship, however, cannot endure in the long run without closeness and attraction.

  1. Vulnerabilities are beneficial

When we stop running away from our flaws, our relationships improve. Why should you allow your self-protective instincts to prohibit you from experiencing love at its most intimate and profound level? Focus on the good and the positive rather than accusing or attacking the person you love the most with unsubstantiated words and allegations. Use your flaws to your advantage, and let your loved one get to know the real you. We all have defects, and we need to learn to accept them. This allows us to comprehend, accept, and even transform them for the better.

  1. The ability to be open comes from within

Be open to whatever life has in store for you. Both the good and the bad are intended to instruct us. In a loving connection, honesty is essential. There’s a lot to gain from having a mind that’s completely open. A fulfilling sexual life strengthens the bond between you and your significant other. Your relationship will be elevated to new heights as a result of the thoughts and feelings you share. The result was a lovely love story built on trust, emotional connection, and love.

  1. Self-esteem is really valuable

We may be honest and candid when we have self-esteem. The more confident you are in your ability to impress a partner, the more likely you are to develop intimacy and closeness in your relationship. Get rid of physical insecurities and allow your emotions to speak for themselves. If you are self-assured, your significant other will learn to value you more.

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  1. Authenticity is becoming increasingly prized

Genuine emotional closeness necessitates honesty. In a love connection, both partners must be truthful to each other. It’s not about reminiscing about the past or discussing concerns; it’s about being yourself and expressing how you actually feel. Don’t conceal your feelings behind a mask; live in the moment, cherish the time you spend together and don’t hide your emotions behind a mask. Your opinions and judgments are not sensations; being connected to honest and raw feelings in the present moment necessitates awareness and presence. It’s critical to have self-esteem in order to feel safe, but it’s also critical to be real and not criticize or reject a loved one who is simply trying to help.

  1. There’s a link between intimacy and trust

Intimacy is intimately linked to trust—that is, feeling comfortable with your partner and certain that they would treat you well, maintain their commitments, and care for the relationship. When intimacy (also known as a connection) improves, so does trust. Intimacy and trust go hand in hand. When one is down, the other is down as well. One cannot exist without the other.

When your relationship is based on trust, you feel emotionally linked to them. Because trust is high, intimacy is also high—often both emotionally and sexually.

However, the inverse can also occur. When your partner’s faith in you deteriorates, so does your emotional and sexual connection with them. When you lose trust in someone, your emotional and sexual intimacy suffers.

  1. Intimacy improves when trust is improved.

In a relationship, trust and intimacy are linked, therefore if there is a decline in trust, there is also a decrease in intimacy. As a result, working on creating trust in a relationship is an important aspect of fostering more closeness in your partnership.

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To do so, realize that trust isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Consider this: Throughout the day, trust levels fluctuate from zero to ten. Your trust level is stronger if you’re feeling close to your partner and things are going well. When your partner says or does anything that makes you uncomfortable, your trust drops on the scale.

Some people make the error of claiming that they do not trust their partner. They are, nevertheless, still involved with them. If you’re in a relationship, you must have at least one on the scale of trust in your partner, or you wouldn’t be with them.


Your goal in improving trust is to act and say things that strengthen your relationship. Inquire with your spouse if they require assistance or if there is anything you can do to assist them. Your willingness to assist them demonstrates your concern for them. Trust is built through demonstrating real concern and assistance.

  1. Intimacy isn’t just about sex.

What comes to mind when you hear the word intimacy? When people hear the word, they frequently associate it with sex or physical intimacy, although this is only one narrow definition.

Intimacy is a broad concept that everyone defines differently. To conceive of intimacy as a relationship is the best way to describe it. You need to connect if you want to be intimate in any sense.


Emotional intimacy can be a source of anxiety. Couples must learn to love and support one other for who they are as individuals. Your feelings can get more intense as you become closer to someone. Relationships, on the other hand, are not simply based on emotions. In order to make things function, you sometimes have to think with your head as well.


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