A senior official at Durban Westville Female Correctional Centre suspended for dating prisoners

A senior official at Durban Westville Female Correctional Centre suspended for dating prisoners |

In the wake of a viral warden and inmate, KZN prisons are trending yet again after one of Westville Female Correctional Centre senior officials was implicated in a nasty affair with a female prisoner. He was suspended following allegations he had an affair with a prisoner.

The allegations have since been confirmed by Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) officials.  The department of correctional service spokesperson in the province also confirmed the case.

In their official statement, they could not name the member as the case is still pending investigations. The suspension comes barely after a female prison warden who was filmed in a s_x romp with a male prisoner at Ncome Correctional Facility was fired last week.
A senior official at Durban Westville Female Correctional Centre suspended for dating prisoners

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Speaking to the media Department of Correctional Services provincial spokesperson, Thulani Mdluli, had this to say.

“An internal investigation was underway but denied the suspect has been placed on suspension. We have received these disgusting allegations. Nobody is currently suspended pending the outcome of the allegation.

But it must be clear that if these allegations implicate any official, serious disciplinary actions will be taken against that official, because the departmental Code of Conduct, Resolution 1 of 2006, is against any improper, disgraceful or unacceptable acts by an official while on duty,” said Mdluli.

Popcru provincial secretary Nthabeleng Molefe said they were observing the internal processes with interest. She said the allegations faced by the member were serious.

“We are aware of the matter and the department is busy with internal processes. We condemn the relationship between inmates and our members because that puts the lives of both members and inmates in danger,” said Molefe.

However, it has been established that the incident happened earlier this month. The matter was so severe to the extent that it was reported to the National Commissioner Arthur Fraser.

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Rumour has it that the official was found bonking the female offender at the central conference room. The senior official under investigation has been at the centre since 2006.

The 37-year-old has been working at the Durban Female Correctional Centre ever since. The female convict is said to be serving 20-years. The female prisoner in question was sentenced for mvrder.

“An investigation team has been appointed. Statements were taken from the eye witness. It was also confirmed that they did have s_xual intercourse.”

The source said management should not have placed a male warden in a female prison.

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