Bobrisky slapped with 5 years imprisonment for attempted homosexuality in Cameroon

Bobrisky slapped with 5 years imprisonment for attempted homosexuality in Cameroon | A well-known Cameroon crossdresser, Shakiro also known as Cameroonian Bobrisky has been sentenced to five years in prison for attempted homosexuality.

According to reports, Shakiro was arrested alongside another person identified as Patricia. The court in Cameroon sentenced the two men for five years each on homosexuality charges. This happened on Tuesday, May 11.

Many countries have still not accepted the rule or made it a law that homosexuals can walk freely in their countries.

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Although homosexuality hasn’t been legalized by most countries, most homosexuals have been hiding in their various hideouts to do their stuff.

While others have also gathered courage by walking in town fully dressed as a woman.

Cameroonian Bobrisky or Shakiro is identified with his real name as Loic Njeukam and his counterpart who was also arrested Patricia also known by his real name as Roland Mouthe has received a five-year sentence with fines of 200,000 CFA francs (N140,900).

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Besides “attempted homosexuality,” they were convicted of public indecency and failing to carry identification. This is a political decision,” said one of the lawyers, Alice Nkom, who vowed to appeal the verdict. It’s Yaounde (the central government) that said these people must not bring homosexuality to Cameroon” the lawyer of the crossdressers Alice Nkom disclosed.

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