Broadcasting Job Description – What Are their Duties

“Broadcasting Job Description – What Are their Duties”

Broadcasting will always be one of the oldest career paths with constant evolution to suit human needs. Every time there is a revolution, war or any important information that needs to be dispersed to the general public, they are disseminated via radio, television and internet channels. The people who help to communicate with the public by giving them correct and adequate information are known as broadcasters.

Job Profile For Broadcasters

Broadcasters can also be referred to as ambassadors of whatever media station they work with because of this, they are always cautious of their actions both on and off-air. In your role as a broadcaster, you would be presenting information in a way that the target audience would understand. Sometimes you might be the anchor or co-host for a particular programme and on other occassions, you might be working within pre-or post-production depending on your level of experience and expertise. The nature of your job would largely depend on the programme’s subject matter and your level of expertise, for example, sports, lifestyle, travel, medical, or society news e.t.c


Job Description Of Broadcasters

The daily schedule of broadcasters includes;
  • carry out research on topics to be discussed on related programmes.
  • plan and rehearse shows with production and technical teams
  • ensure the audience is carried along with your programme by adding a special feature that might interest them
  • interview guests in the studio, by telephone or on location
  • play music
  • have knowledge on how to handle equipment for playback and recording especially for radio presenters
  • maintain a cordial relationship with the production team and also meet up to make plans concerning subsequent shows.
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What Skill Should I Have As A Broadcaster?

You would be required to have more people related skills to work better as a broadcaster some of the relevant skills you should be deliberate about having includes;

  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Working alongside team members
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills
  • the ability to generate original ideas
  • good research and interviewing skills
  • the ability to take initiative and make quick decisions under pressure

Who Are The Employers Of Broadcasters?

In case you were wondering where your degree as a broadcaster would enable you to work in, here are some of the areas you can consider sending your applications to after graduation they include:

  • Radio Stations
  • Television Stations
  • Online Media Houses
  • Advertising Houses
  • Personal consulting for brands and media houses
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What Step Can I Take To Become A Broadcaster?

Usually, people who have a degree in;

  • Performing Arts
  • Journalism
  • media or communication studies

are more preferred for jobs within the broadcasting sector, in recent times especially with the presence of online broadcast stations there are more opportunities for those who have demonstrated great talent via any media related platform irrespective of their educational qualification.


A career in broadcasting would give you the opportunity to meet with different people, experience new culture and sometimes travel to new places. While this might be a rewarding experience, you might have to work beyond the normal 9-5 schedules on the days that you need to have meetings or rehearsals.

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