Cardi B Laments She Misses S3x Amid Quarantine In LA

“Cardi B Laments She Misses S3x Amid Quarantine In LA”

Cardi B has been vocal about the crisis that accompanies the Coronavirus quarantine from the initial stage. And now, the rap star is pissed that she’s been deprived of her of some of her needs.

Cardi was rushed to the hospital last week, after suffering from stomach pains. She shared a photo of her wrist bracelet to confirm she had been admitted.

The Bronx rapper also denied reports that she’s been infected with the Coronavirus. “I’ve been very f*cking sick these past five days … not corona,” she said on Instagram Live. “I have really bad stomach issues — I started throwing up, I took a pregnancy test cuz a bitch never f*cking knows.

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Apparently, Cardi B is now losing it following some of the greatest struggles she’s faced since going into isolation, and that includes not being able to get in the bedroom with her husband Offset, as reported by Page Six.

“I have sex so many times, and now I’m on my period, I can’t even f*ck,” she complained to her fans on Instagram. Considering there’s so little to do while practicing social distancing, Cardi at least wishes she could still have some fun in the bedroom, but it looks like she can’t even do that for the time being.

She also confessed to how lonely she’s been feeling lately. “I miss my family and I miss my friends,” she said. “I’ve never been so alone…I just watch documentaries and watch movies.”

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