Christabel Ekeh aka “Thank You Jesus” flaunts her raw goodies on social media

Christabel Ekeh aka “Thank You Jesus” flaunts her raw goodies on social media | Ghanaian actress and model, Christabel Ekeh has set the internet on fire with her latest near-naked photo on social media.

There’s this Twi proverb and I wish I can write twi well but I will try to translate it into English and perhaps you may be able to recall it.

“They say even when a madman is healed of his madness, some bit of madness to scare away kids, will still be in him” and that’s the case of Christabel Ekeh.

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Christabel Ekeh made headlines somewhere in 2017 when she released not good photos of herself on social media.

Fans of the actress wondered what exactly led to her releasing her own private photos in public domain.

Some were of the view that she had a mental problem, others too concluded she released the photos just to trend, get attention and fame.

She went off for a while after things were calm and resurfaced as born-again Christian and evangelist.

Many people thought Christabel Ekeh has changed completely to become the ‘church girl’ of the Ghanaian entertainment industry… But it seems…

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Well, Christabel Ekeh has surfaced online with new photo and no one can afford to continue keeping his/her mouth shut.

In the photo, Miss Ekeh was spotted beside the swimming pool where she gave off a wild pose.

Posting the photo, she captioned: Thank you Jesus ❤️🙏🏽. Sunset was great as usual…. ..Being Christabel.

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