DETAILS: COVID-19: Some International Schools In Ghana Reduce School Fees For Next Term

“DETAILS: COVID-19: Some International Schools In Ghana Reduce School Fees For Next Term”.

Management of international schools in Ghana in response to the plea by concerned parents has considered reducing school fees for the next academic term. The government’s decision to lockdown institutions and businesses have consequently affected the finances of both parents and educational institutions.

Impact Of The Pandemic On Education

Many Ghanaians have been temporary if not permanently laid off due to the lockdown while the others now receive half of their monthly earnings. Due to this, parents and guardians have been pleading to the management of ‘particularly’ international schools to reduce their school fees for the subsequent academic term when school re-opens, due to the costly nature of international school fees.

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Statement By Some International Schools

In response to the appeal from parents, some international schools have accepted to reduce their fees for the next term.

The British International School in a letter to parents stated:
“The school management has decided to do a further reduction of school fees.”
It added that penalties will be waived off for the late school payment for the COVID-19 period. The management additionally said parents, can also make payments in two installments (50% in April and the other 50% in May)

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The British International School in the letter said they would have loved to reduce the fees further but “this will affect the payment of teachers’ salaries.”

The management of Galaxy International School has also said it will reduce the fees for the 3rd term of the 2019/2020 academic year by 5% as a supportive gesture for parents in these difficult times.

The letter disclosed that the school solely depends on the payment of fees to cater to expenses including staff salaries which still needed to be paid. It continued that, it can only offer a 5% discount and 10% for infant school on fees of students.

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However, some parents have registered disappointment in the management with the given discount. According to them, they were expecting from 30% to 50% discount on fees. But the management insists that it can only reduce 5% of the school fees and would not reduce it any further.