From Couch to Career: Brace for post-COVID-19 with an online degree in Computer Science

From Couch to Career: Brace for post-COVID-19 with an online degree in Computer Science

While it is not likely that we can predict exactly what the job market after COVID-19 will look like, there are however a few trends set in motion by the pandemic that we can expect to stay around in the corporate world for a while.
From Couch to Career: Brace for post-COVID-19 with an online degree in Computer Science

As a student, young professional, or parent, these developments should inform the next career decisions that you or your child makes.

One prominent change is the transition to the digital space that many organizations are having to make to survive this period. This development will no doubt change the way business is done across industries, as well as increase the demand for IT professionals in organizations.

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From couch to career
To prepare students for a relevant career path in these changing times where most traditional universities are on lockdown, Unicaf, an online educational platform, is offering a fully-online Computer Science degree that you can take advantage of instead of idling about all day on the couch as you wait through the lockdown.

What does a Computer Science degree include?
This world-class program from Unicaf University will guide you into mastering highly sought-after computing skills while exploring different aspects of information technology, including security systems, web development, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, and databases. With a highly practical learning approach, this degree will help students acquire excellent computational thinking and develop strong problem-solving, analytical, and programming skills.

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What to do with a Computer Science degree
With a degree in Computer Science, you can explore different exciting career paths in the industrial, banking, commercial, or government sector. Here is a list of a few job roles you can take as a Computer Science graduate:

* IT Consultant

* Cyber Security Consultant

* Database Analyst

* Web Developer

* Software Engineer

* Data Scientist

* Information Analyst

Why Unicaf?

Unicaf is a leading online educational platform offering fully-online learning opportunities from reputable universities in the UK, US, and Africa so students can enjoy world-class education from the convenience of their homes.

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* Flexible learning

* Internationally recognized degrees

* 24/7 online access

* Affordable tuition fees and payment plans

Apply Today

It’s time to move from your couch to an exciting career. Start getting ready for life beyond COVID-19.

Apply for a BSc in Computer Science with Unicaf today. Click here to apply now for a scholarship.

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