Gauteng Traffic Police distances themselves from Policeman who assaulted and threatened to shoot Bentley driver

Gauteng Traffic Police distances themselves from Policeman who assaulted and threatened to shoot Bentley driver |

In the wake of a daring incident, the Gauteng Traffic Police have distanced themselves from the recent traffic incident. In a shaming incident, a traffic policeman was seen slapping and pointing a gun at Bentley driver.

South Africans are not happy with the law-enforcing agents after a viral video of a Traffic Policeman assaulting and threatening to shoot Bentley driver flooded social media.

The video got definitely got Mzansi talking. Many have weighed into the matter with their two cents. However many are disappointed by the officer’s actions and think he is abusing his authority.

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Instead of protecting citizens of late, several cases of policemen abusing their duty have been leaked. In a lengthy video that was first shared on Twitter one officer was seen assaulting and threatening to shoot a citizen.

What scares most is that the police officer takes out his gun and prepares to shoot the man before the driver drives off. The man who was slapped by the police is accompanied by a lady whose face does not show but records the whole incident.

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Well, there is a new twist to the case. In the wake of the viral video. The GTP Gauteng Traffic Police Twitter account also waded into the mix and explained that the car registration number is not from traffic cops. Are they covering up their dirty laundry or what?

Maybe it was one of those dubious traffic roadblocks. As of yet, it has not been reported what the driver’s offense was but people are still against the way the officer reacted.

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Taking to social media, members of the public have a lot to say concerning this incident. People are assuming the driver did not bribe the officer and hence the reaction.

The video is disturbing and most will not believe a police officer would do that. People are calling that the officer should be found and dealt with accordingly.

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