How to Obtain Student Loans in Ireland as an International Student

How to Obtain Student Loans in Ireland as an International Student

If you have been thinking of studying in Europe without going to the Uk then Ireland might be a suitable option for you. Asides the wonderful culture, the official language is also English in case you were wondering if language would be a barrier. Working across Europe during student holidays is also allowed in a bid to expose students to other cultures across Europe.

What are Student Loans?

Student Loans were created as a form of financial aid for students willing to pursue an education at the university level. With the ever-increasing cost for welfare, tuition and housing many students find themselves in one sort of financial need or the other. The availability of loans can sometimes help with paying the bills without having to drop out of your education.

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Student Loans in Ireland

As with other countries based in Europe, there are more loan and grant options for students coming from the European Union. Most international students have to either visit private banks to access their loan options or if it is possible they would get loans from banks in their own country.

What do I need to be eligible for Student Loans?

Institutions considering you for a loan would prefer that you;

  • Have a part-time job
  • Loan application form
  • Passport  photographs
  • Academic documents
  • Letter of Admission
  • Account statements (for you and your guarantor)
  • A photocopy of your passport information
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Is there a Minimum Amount?

Well, there is no minimum amount for loans there are many factors to be considered before the loans are given out. For example, some banks would like to know what your tuition fee breakdown is to be certain that there is no alteration in the price, while some would rather give out little loans for rent, tuition and other little expenses.

How do I Repay Student Loans?

Unlike other countries, worrying about the compound effect of loans does not apply in Ireland because the interest starts counting from the day you graduate so you can focus on studying without any stress about repayment while in school.

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One advantage that comes with studying in Ireland is that you are allowed to work up to 20-40 hours per week during vacation periods across Europe. Also as a new student, there would be accommodation provided most times within the university this gives you a chance to search for a new apartment while still living in the school.

The cost of living is not very high especially in other areas different from the capital.


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