If You Last Longer You Don’t Love Her – Man Opens Up

If You Last Longer You Don’t Love Her – Man Opens Up |

A Nigerian man took to the bird app to open up on the appreciable time he last in bed with his lover.
According to Alhaji Drunkard with username @The_Nifemi, he is able to have 3 rounds of sekz within the slightest space of 6 minutes. According to him, he doesn’t waste so much time during the cloud nine moments with her lover. Just within 6 minutes and 3 rounds are already gone.

Alhaji wrote; ‘6 minutes? I for don do 3 rounds.’

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This outspoken declaration sparked mixed reactions via the bird app where one Twitter user with username @kussman counter-reacted that Alhaji doesn’t truly love his partner.

He backed his assertion by saying, any man who truly loves his lover would not last long in bed while sharing the thrilling and exciting intimate moments with her.

@kussman wrote; ‘tbh. if you last longer you don’t love her

Meanwhile, Alhaji’s post evoked reactions from social media users who trooped to the comment section to express some mixed reactions.

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@Musee_x: ‘2 mins per round? Elite’

@Wale_Hero wrote; ‘Lmaooooo. A minute per round? Cos you gotta reset’

@The_Nifemi wrote; ‘Including foreplay and recharge period’

In other news, a Twitter user identified as @niqitta11 sparked outrage on the bird app after disclosing the HIV test results of her youngest kid.

The beautiful lady left many people in awe after intimating that she had tested positive for the HIV virus. She went on to disclose that her last kid underwent an 18-month test and the result that came out was so inspiring.


According to @niqitta, the HIV test result came out negative, which means her baby is free from the HIV virus. The excited mother shared snaps of her big and happy family where she captioned;

“Guys my baby just did his 18-month test and he is HIV negative. Nkosi ngiyabonga,”

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