[LYRICS] 13 Punchlines Ball J Threw At Sarkodie In His Diss Reply To Sub Zero

LYRICS: 13 Punchlines Ball J Threw At Sarkodie In His Diss Reply To Sub Zero

Just maybe, this whole chaos Sarkodie started with his “Sub Zero” dis track is not going anywhere soon as Ball J drops his own diss song to him.
Just in case you’ve missed out on all that hat been going on, Sarkodie released a new song “Sub Zero” two days ago which was a diss song to Asem, Shatta Wale, and Ball J, and other GH artiste hating on him.

We broke down the lyrics to Sarkodie’s “Sub Zero” in a different post and showed 12 lines that were aimed at Shatta Wale. see that here.

Ball J’s beef with Sarkodie started when He took to Twitter to say Sarkodie had dissed him, on which he got Shatta Wale’s support. see how Sark’s beef with Ball J started here.

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Ball J has finally dropped a reply to Sarkodie’s Sub Zero and we must definitively commend him for the shots he throws at the untouchable “Highest” throughout.

…from the “[email protected] punchlines” to the “Lord claiming”… we made a list of our favorite lines in Ball J’s “Lullaby” below, check them out and share this post with a friend.

The first line

you already know what time it is b!tch

Ball J claims hip hop is his game

This is my playground and you really wanna play with me n!g4

I’m the ball your b!tc.h wanna play with, you still wanna play n!g4

The Gay Punch

My sh!.t so hot, he had to reply my a.ss n!g4
you g4y, n!g4

The M.anifest diss

Now let’s talk about manifest, i mean the paper not the rapper, don’t run away N**

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Wack Rapper Sark

it’s a secret on the street and the people on your team and everybody know say you be wack!

When Ball J Claimed Lord over Sark

I’m standing above you low b!tc.h
…Sia I’m your lord b!tc.h

When he called Sarkodie a b!tc.h

you was my n!g4, till you sn!tc.hed on my n!g4, who new another n!g4, who was a n!g4 to my brother

I don’t know what this means but g4damn.it …line is just too fire!

sub sub subliminal shots I multiply your shots by zero

When he tongue twisted some big English words and said he won’t understand a word sef

I’m God hero, for black people, the mike Gizo, slap these hoes, bragging n!44r0.s, get a strap clap, that me low, brutality, demolity, …clash pico, luis Figo, we balling baby!!
…they no go barb sef

When he called Shatta Wale Shallow

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You can’t give nobody shine, you a’int bright enough

When he called Sark out for Claiming he helps underground Artists, and called him old at the same time

How many stars you make sh!.t Jack woye adu wo pension.

Futher cliams Sark is not a King

To my new school rappers, who are underground nobody has to die before you wear the crown.

When he called his track a small something 🤪

Listen, this a’int dissing, it’s just a tune to make you sleep so you stop b!tc.hing

When he really really dragged Sarkodie through the gutters.

You be the baddest, that be your mindset,
you a subset, you a tool in my math set, but you not a ruler!

you can not depict, these n!g4s a’int quick
you only get high on your weed, get the f*.c.k

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