[LYRICS] All Time Low – Sleeping In

Sleeping In Lyrics BY All Time Low.

(Verse 1)
I woke up on a Tuesday
Felt like a Friday night to me
Never wanna leave this bed
Tell me that you got nowhere to be
Can we stay all day?
Lay low in our lazy luxury
S3x in a rosé daze
All day, it’s a real good thing

Just like that
There you go, making it hard to stay on track
Got shit to do, you got work
But we fall right back
Into bed, like it’s all just a game
And we can’t help that, no we can’t help that
And we fall right back
Just like that

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If I said I want your body, would you hold it against me?
Seven in the morning, wanna listen to Britney?
Anything you wanna baby, that’s okay with me now
(We don’t sleep, but we like sleeping in)
Closing up the curtains while you call out of work
Now I’m turning o my phone while you take o your shirt now
Waste another day, another night, another weekend
We don’t sleep, but we like sleeping in

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