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[LYRICS] Blaqbonez – Exile (Vector Diss)

“Exile Lyrics BY Blaqbonez”

Chocolate City’s talented rapper, Blaqbonez surprisingly drops a diss track for Vector and he tagged it “Exile“.

Days after M.I Abaga schooled Vector on ‘The Viper‘, Blaqbonez comes in with something new to say, adding more fire to the already flaming feud.

‘Exile‘ comes after the release of his previous record ‘Shut Up‘ which is currently doing decent numbers on streaming platforms.

We will produce the lyrics soon.

You can call this whatever you like men
But this is just how I feel about this whole shit

So you back now i heard
Everybody talking about vector the viper
the niqqa bring hell and the cypher record was tighter than Nick Minaj pants
I greet him in advance
But fvck this is hostile reception
Like a chick give me bo0ty the moment am in the crib
Ahh you
Men this is hostile reception
Am about to stand down
With the smile saying you’re welcomed
He said that you loved the game you abandoned it
You said that you would bring but the label put you behind them
You said you were back boy
When winne told me what happened
back then on the track it was ysg now

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Gy you didn’t ever see it coming
Your a7 mixtape impotent
We didn’t see it coming
But now am impotent
And then the same as you left it I was bubbling
And this is a message that niqqas are still kicking it the niggas that never left is the nigga you should acknowledge
Cause niqqa we was the fame
And nigga I was the fan
Cause I thought you were the man
But you’re a pvssy
I got non for you now life the truth is
Right now am the damn guy with the puff face

Right now im the damn guy where the puff is
Thats where i sleep you’re misd
What im saying is you aint sh!t niqqa
You perform a wack lyrical, i was [?] your lyrics
You even hollad at me for a minute
I was looking up to you
Men really, you really thought but the last line is metaphorically written

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Yung6ix never left you
Sorry if i was hating niqqa
King of the south, your territory is staining
But Vector huh, had no direction
Aint no ironic, Vector, had no direction
Italy, Singapore, where ever you think to be
You still gotta keep in touch with home eventually (thats life bro)
Men i know that i aint blown up
Still buh default, men ima own up
Hmm yor, maybe i aint good as you
But im here with ma fans and they get to the end then you back,
But we aint about to give you the throne
Men the throne is for the taken
Men i hope that you know
If you reply dont call me wack
Cox im never wack
Im only 21 im the future remember that.

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