[LYRICS] Casanova So Brooklyn Ft. Fabolous

“So Brooklyn Lyrics BY Casanova” Ft. Fabolous

(Brooklyn), the family
(Brooklyn, Brooklyn) ha ha
You know the fuckin’ vibe
(Brooklyn, Brooklyn) trilogy

I’m so Brooklyn
I should get paid for the work I put in
I’m so Brooklyn
I like that nigga chain so you know I took it (gimme that)
I’m so Brooklyn
I did the same thing walkin’ out the bookings

I’m so Brooklyn
I had to sign with Jay, yo Hov good lookin’ (it’s the Roc)
You ever shot an opp with a MAC? (Uh)
You ever shot an opp in his back? (Boom, boom, boom)
Spun the block, made it clap (I miss that nigga)
Let the shots so you spun right back (I got that nigga)
I used to keep a Glock, that’s a fact (you know that)
I still keep a Glock, matter of fact (you know my body)
You never gotta ask me where it’s at (I got it)
I bang on a nigga like I’m Shaq (boom, boom, boom)
I bust my gun and I trap (facts)

I can show you how to make a stack (get money nigga)
I can show you how to make it stack (get money nigga)
I got two bodies, what’s ya stats? (You know my body)
Nigga fakin’ with that paperwork
Put money on ya head, watch this paper work (I got ’em)
My shooter said I gotta pay him first
I told my shooter go and slay ’em first (where is that nigga?)
Got a new pistol, gotta name it first (my baby)
Before you shoot, you better aim it first (hold it, hold it steady)
I start shit then I spark shit (you know I don’t give a fuck)
‘Bout to get on some real King of New York shit (ha)
And I only drink that dark shit (Dusse)
When I’m off it, it get awkward (ha)
Street Fam, that’s my dog, shit


If he call 2 times, we gon’ off shit (boom, boom, boom)
I’m so Brooklyn
I need a vacay for all the work I put in (for real)
I’m so Brooklyn
We needed opportunities, so we took ’em (gimme that!)
I’m so Brooklyn
Pop up with the tools at ya house, call me Bookman (no more good times…)

I’m so Brooklyn
And if you don’t know, now you know (B.I.G., good lookin’)
What you know about bouncin’ right back (huh?)
Cop bad work, took them ounces right back? (Yeah)
Back to the wall, yeah, them ounces like that (that)
Back against the ropes, gotta pounce and fight back (yeah)
When you really do it, don’t announce it like that (shh)

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Y’all sayin’ it wrong, you don’t even pronounce it like that (ha)
My bitch walk through like she know bouncers like that
Like damn (damn), not even basketball’s bouncin’ like that (like that)
Still do it for my projects (yeah)
Still winnin’, I ain’t lose my pride yet (nah)
Old town road for my projects (huh)
Ride ’til I can’t no more, Lil Nas X
Yeah, we the heroes to the zeros
Where I come from they don’t hear those other weirdos
We the ones who represent ’em, not Shapiros
We they favorite gangstas, nah, not De Niro
If you play or you ask ’til we okay and relax
I’m so Brooklyn, my nigga, if I say it, it’s facts (facts)
If I may it I Bachs, if I roll I Royce
Like every day is Christmas, I got the coldest toys (coldest)
Told my boys, ten toes, hold ya voise
For the biggest comeback, word to Soulja Boy

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Yeah, I slide out like Polaroids
Yeah, I’m outside with the older boys
Yeah, I tell you in my best Hova voice

I can move in a room full of vultures, boy
Yeah, my body different, I’m a shooter but I snipe though
Her body different, she just came from gettin’ lipo (yeah)
It is what it is, still’ll pipe though (still’ll pipe though)
I say it what I said, ain’t no typo (she like it)
You from New York, which part are you from?
I look at her like, bitch, are you dumb?

Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, Brooklyn


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