[LYRICS] Darkovibes Ft. Kuvie – Tomorrow

“Tomorrow Lyrics BY Darkovibes Ft. Kuvie”

Baaka emasei shikome po
Ejaak3 pinmor n33 eny33 d))
Things go change
E ma dear kaanami gbomor kpong
I tell you everything but only God knows
If yawa gb33 me today
Wey i nor tell you my mind then i fool
If i nor make am tomorrow
Wey you nor know my mind then i be fool

We nor reach this far make you come and give up on me now
Jee after ni emame ejor wornor
You dey see what I’m going through
Going through everyday
Never talk say i go make am wey i go dwag you
What make i tell you to convince you?
When you go believe when i say ibi you?
Here’s a tissue for your tears oh baby
We nor go finish like this i promise you
Ma he tsorne ma ha bo
Stick with me
I want to lean on you throught my thick and thin baby

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Instagram girls don’t impress the boy no more
Baby you should know by now
I’m so into you
I’m so into you
I’m so into you
And that is where i want to be

Shaa ohemin shikome oha mi
Nobody can do it better for me
Oh Lord have his mercy
Shaa ohemin shikome oha mi my dear nobody can do it better than
Oh Lord have his mercy

No way No way
Will i die without you knowing my mind
The fuck I’m i suppose to do when you not here with it me?

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Baaka emasei shikome
Baaka emasei shikome po

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