LYRICS: Dexta Daps – Scripture (Ft. Davido x Drumma Boy)

Scripture Lyrics BY Dexta Daps (Ft. Davido x Drumma Boy) –

You know I wan’t you bad bad bad
You know I wan’t you bad bad bad
You are wonderful, you are excellent
You are everlasting,
You are s3xual
You are fascinating
You are sophisticated
you are…

Gyal yuh pv$$y good yuh a my sidech!ck dat gyal gwan
Lose her man just because she nuh know how fi ride it
And me love when yuh squeeze with eh tight vice grip weh me
Real bad b!tch when me need my freak pon a night like dis
Yuh write pon me like a scripture I’d be lying if a say I don’t
Miss yah yuh nuh see yuh island has an issue


Can yuh please send me yuh pv$$y picture a wah see
Yuh pv$$y picture a wah look at you with any picture
Quick quick come back and pick yah take you down
Take me as yuh addiction
And I love when I see it no voice and
I wanna dive in your ocean suh that tight thing


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