[LYRICS] Dremo – Sigh

“Sigh Lyrics BY Dremo”

Davido Music Worldwide rapper, Dremo bounce back with another brand new smoking hot tune dubbed “Sigh” the wordplay and punchlines on this joint is as solid as Zuma rock.

Lyrics will be submitted soon.


Ok class in session
Eyes Red i pass the high grade like an examination yeah we
Talk *applications buh bro
Dont get it twisted
There is difference of we talking and having a conversation
Just got back from Jamaica
My eyes mek a bro *location
Bro i got no fxckin chill
Im always running out of *patience
Dap a doctor to treat people fxckup
i run outta patient

Imma die fxckin great i just hope they dont find me nakɛd
kyeah i came in the game might meaning me on the way
Call [?] on the way
A proud girl with another prosti cak if you want some you got to pick
Married to the game, this how the rappers [?] Fxck around and ima beat the niqqa up like

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This sɛx never [?] hear me that sh!t really gonna make you gaɣ
Like Sampson [?] game scenes another tape we play

Alright volume two support dollar ride but there is traffic as you can see
Im trynna take another ride then there is a taxi driver
Not really concern about the tips
Just to reach my destination before i end the trip

Heeer diamonds rocking like its A$ap
If you [?] my brother ima still stay sharp
So i wanted be in the scenes they say rap but i do what the fxck i want
dey nothing
just call Jamma adey [?] goes around me under all stage cheques
If you stop.. if stop….
If you stop ima step back [?] Too much sht ima put a stippler
[?] We pulledup in nice cars and we drop fiftys niqqas out [?] get sh0t
She say im cooking up in new apron
She say im supperman with no cap on
im gonna use a pen to get paper
The other pen i put it on martha

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Ok now im done
She say eerhm i got a question but i think it really dump
I said what
She said never mind
I said tell me whats wrong
She said boy you really strong, tell me if im right or wrong
She said how did you last longa a fella song but this fellas dont even last as long as a drama song
She said What
I say nothing
She say tell me
I say tell you what, i do this like its nothing girl ah
Never gonna choose my girls like senator Elijah Abo but i beat the puxy up like senator Elijah Sbo senator Elijah Abo
(You say what)
Never gonna choose my girls like senator Elijah Abo but i beat the puxy up like senator Elijah Sbo senator Elijah Abo

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