[LYRICS] EKT 40 – Famous

“Famous lyrics BY EKT 40”

[Intro] Ayy, Kato, tell these niggas
Y’all niggas know how the fuck we comin’, nigga
EKT shit, nigga, fuck 12, nigga, free KD, nigga
Young Doe on my beat

[Chorus] Don’t put your hands up on me, bitch, if I ain’t detained
Every nigga with me steppin’, nobody got no brain
I’ma hit ’em with this FN, leave ’em like a stain
And I see them niggas flexin’, we gon’ get his chain
Bitch, don’t move, bitch, you move, nigga, bang, nigga, bang
My bitch seen some shit, but I bet she won’t say a thing
I’ma go and get to cookin’, we gon’ come get what we came for
You must think I’m lame, huh? You must want your fame, huh?

[Verse] Since a young nigga, bitch, I been a knucklehead
You better stand on every word that you said
I’ma put them bands on the top a nigga’s head
Put my best friend on, she gon’ top him ’til he dead, bitch, you dead
You can have my money, bitch, but fuck my time
Half a million dollar bail and I still made bond
Thought I’d sit in jail, bitch, you must be out your mind
These niggas pussy, I can tell, and you know you ain’t my kind
Bitch, that’s Number 3, that’s lil’ D-Wade, he runnin’ down up on ’em
Mixy in my face, ain’t nothin’ to say and ain’t no sound up on ’em
Bitch nigga, this a K, I’ll let it spray a hundred rounds up on ’em
How the fuck you gon’ change and you the same nigga from around the corner?

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