[LYRICS] Epixode – The interview (Shatta wale Vrs Stonebwoy)

“The interview Lyrics BY Epixode (Shatta wale Vrs Stonebwoy)”

Greetings to the people who love dancehall
It’s no matter what you listening from
Could be in the village if your home or abroad

You logged on 92.4
Alright then
Check your time its quarter past 12
Stick and stay as me give you rundown

We heard over the weekend something gone wrong
Like a man ago get gun down
We back from the break
We a try call an artiste who was ina the place
Whaguan with the VGMA
Producer call up the big man again

Whaguan my dawg
So tell me how you doing
You cool my don
We heard you out of town
Yea but not for long
Welcome the very good bad boy

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So Epixode make ask whaguan ina de place
Saw a video circulating with Stonebwoy onstage
Next minute full antarage Shatta Wale
Yo Epi
Yea King
Would you please explain
Was time for the dancehall artiste of the year
You in the same category
True yes sir
Shatta wale Samini
But Stonebwoy won it last year
My self and AK Songstress

Obi no yem zuuum
Na bebia ay3 cool
To present the award was Santana Abeku
Lord God Jesus
Samr3no Na obiara y3 denn eeh saa
3hoa wub3tsi Bhim Bhim Bhim

So Epixode
You wan try ta…..
Ohhh why the line cut
People please cool down your temper
We ah go try everty means to get
Epixode back
But before that we have a Bhim Nation
Fun Ina the studio
Talk man

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Ok Boosu
My name be Bhim child or farred
Born there ashiaman i dey live
The local champion no dey fit we
U no dey see
5 times in a row
Ebi Bhim edey win
H3r Top Skanka Stonebwoy be my man
You know we spoil everywhere
From jamaica to japan
You win 2 awards why you fight over 1
Badman pull out the gun
You see say you dey run

Yo fareed hold on and pass on the mic
Before we leave make me talk to the SM fan
Eh bra sit down, calm down, cool down
Whats your name and where you
Coming from

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I no go mention my name
This guy just dey vexx me
Kw3 ole moni gye dancehall king
K3 Shatta Wale nfe noko
Npaddie feymor deen
ole shika ni wor fitey in the texting
Then we dey go on the stage
Just to congratulate

But nobody call you for there
See eno be mistake
Ebi dancehall thing so we all for jubilate
There nor i see Say eturn case

(Fans Argueing)

Ok people my time is up
It was a great interview
Yo that one ya part one
Sorry we couldnt get Epixode back
Watch out for part 2
We ago continue that!