[LYRICS] Intence – Fire

“Fire Lyrics BY Intence”| Intence Fire. Additional track to his playlist. The Intence Fire Lyrics will make you put the song on repeat.

40 ball, double explosion
Knock it and it slam like door jam
Sky Boss me send go run the program
Hostage, capture him old man
Walk foot we go
Deev’n bother drive, park the car yah so to
Four rifle man inna April a March go fi June
Simple one three fi we dark up the noon

Rifle a fire 30
And you see dah 14 yah, it carry duppy
Me shoot two gyal and two boy weh nay lucky
End up down a morgue but them dead a Public
Rifle a fire fire rapid
Boy headtop catch a fire, acid
Get fuck like a them a cratches
Bun up them skin like a box of matches (Dark)

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