[LYRICS] Intence – HAVOC

“HAVOC Lyrics BY Intence”

Nuh take nuh kick nuh bax up
Badman nuh tassle
gun shot inna yuh face
Bad like claudy massop
Ginger beer deh yah fi who and
who mi see a gas up
Yeng play watch yah

She seh di fat boy nave nuh
us betta him bun a chalice
yuh know how long she wah
Di fvck him belly been a block it

And when him have har pon
video call a show him crotches
And as him hang up bout fvck it
Yow a me a tab it
So all a who a run dung youth
Gwaan own some jacket
All da one deh over deh so know him been a back it
E short gyal him have regular
Mi run a battery
Round up couple dawg
B!tch she svck a dozen c0cky

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Dawg try tell dem how we roll
Reebok classic and mi polo
White like me rub di nadinola
general with badge me a soldier
All now dem cyah wake outta di coma
If mi gun cyah go deso mi doh go
Dem fi dead dem get it now
Kill couple freind fi bonus
A man go back and forth
Repeat like sumaddy chorus

Like goaster pon di road
Da 45 yah fully load up
Yuh kill yuh friend so yuh nuh real
Friend killa mi fold up
Ano plaza mi shop
A pon di mall ayye
Chop up boy fine body bag