LYRICS: Intence – Public Enemy No. 1 Ft. Govana

Public Enemy No. 1 Lyrics BY Intence Ft. Govana –

Me tell you ago dweet before
you through the gate (True)
Glad say you wull it and nuh
Lose di faith (zeen)
Now everything yuh do a start a
New debate (ha) gwaam dweet
Yow every ghetto youth fi great

Yeah man
Me see say dem no like you
(Weh ma tell yuh)
But me tell yuh say dem woulda
Fight yuh, society no like weh
Dem cah control
So the boasy slave dem hate yuh
Like poison (hahaha)
But doh stop dawg
Gwaan wull di pv$$y dem yeng
No bada watch eh germs dem
A rookie dem me friend

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Dem no like fi c you put
You foot in a di benz
Prefer police wull yuh wid a
Whoozie pan eh endz
We di dis fi di family
Do dis fi di friends

Do this fime hometown
Strong up di defence
Represent every board house
Zinc fence, Govi Govi a seh
Gwaan dweet Intence

Know the ruff times ago test yuh faith
But doh mek the pressure make
You break, public enemy number 1
A di hate ago make yuh great
Never change, never scared
Me say never fraid if dem violate
Then a hell a raise
Public enemy number one a di hate ago
make you great