[LYRICS] Jazmine Sullivan – Donna’s Tale

“Donna’s Tale Lyrics BY Jazmine Sullivan”

[Interlude: Donna Anderson] Or women think
And I’ma, I would say this through my experiences, right?
Women think, “Oh no, I don’t trick, I don’t ho, I don’t do none of that sh!t”
B!tch, every time you sleep with, even if you’re married
You have tricked in your fuckin’ marriage
You have s3x because you know your husband is gonna give you what the f–k you want the next day
“Girl, I gotta give him some so I can get that”
No, no, you, you f–kin’ hoeing, b!tch
She right about it, she right about it
Let’s keep this sh!t f–kin’ real
That’s some real stuff (And she right about it)
Let’s keep this sh!t f–king real (She right about it)

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We’ve all done it, comе on
(When you don’t wanna do it, you don’t [?][0:29])
Let’s keep this sh!t f–kin’ real
You’rе f–king your husband, so you can get what the f–k you want
(You right about it, you right about it)
[?][0:35] She raw, she right about it
Okay, that’s true (That’s right), that’s true (Let’s tell the truth)
That’s real, that’s true (Let’s tell the f–kin’ truth)

We trick for [?][0:45] the fuckin’ [?] (You don’t even [?][0:45])
When that’s the case, I got plenty of ho days
We trick, we trick with ’em all the f–kin’ time (Yes)
All the f–kin’ time
I’ve been trickin’, well, I’ve been trickin’ eighteen years then
Sh!t, I got
What you want, daddy?
What you want mommy to do? (Come on)

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‘Cause I know on the other side of that, I’m gonna get what the f–k I want
And our mamas did it too
Yes, yes, they did (Yeah, of course they did)
And they all asked, they all asked for something else