LYRICS: Jovi – Mentality

Jovi – Mentality Lyrics: Prolific artist Jovi serves us with this new song titled Mentality.

I was turning nothing into something
Man go sleep only for coffin
I already be whipping the doe
Now I just bakin the cake in the oven
I Got the sauce and the juice
Even when i no talk they go write am for news
They don’t make them like this anymore
No one keeping it real anymore
I just focus on what is important
So much weed neighbor brought me a warrant
Talking global am not talking local
On the truth so you know it aint vaccant
All man know say my own thruth dey blatant
We leave in the world of satan
I no need for cut e fragant
Man play na back hand, na only before man no get for look back
How you order shack wey doh no dey for your bag
Reppin so hard now we all on the map
Put the map on the back only for you di start

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Your first song you diss me and then that was that
Pvssy no fit be e combi with rat
I no need to talk men them know say i bad
When man pass you boy no shame for carry e bag
How will I respond if somebody coming at me if he ain’t even coming with facts
How you want me to react
When i hear your RAP
Me I feel say something di lack
Show me your numbers and stats
Assuming your fans listening and go with the math
Faker than you ain’t no faker than that
He just stripped with the fact ain’t no caps in my RAP

Yeah, don’t expect a child nine months after ejaculation
All this while you where on your own
so it’s safe to call it Masturbation
I be in the studio so long when i go out
I don’t mind fornication
Am legit in allover my nation
Am always in any conversation
Hear me through, this men them soft
I no need for chew
Lock your mop you do how to who?
I got hits I ain’t talking of few
We still have to see what your lyrics could do
Like a God i make miracles too
No be my name, but am lyrical too
After this i go drop some more tunes
After this you must know Cameroon

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My flow sick, being fly get flew Big talk follow through
Big move legal permit, so i only battles crews
If the strong I come back with a body bruce
You don’t have a clue Can’t fit in my shoes
I don’t have to RAP, to show you what I do
You go see lot if I take you comot strow
Ya man dem on the net, wanna tro every bar, ever drop
237 slah here we go, Mboko, Mboko i go knakam till I go
Papa never know, I turned into a GOAT
Mama be don’t know say Njaka sabi flow
F**k around I split your body from your sooul
F**k around and put a brother in the hole
Rap style, rep type blood cold
I don’t gat the time am killin in a role
I don’t have to fight am aiming at your game
Stacking rags and packing bags
Back to back ama blacking out on every trap
Dey like chap go finish shak and then we knack
Dak my chak aonly fack inside dark

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Uhhh, yeah

Bad how, bad how When I start
Men them know say inspiration no fit lack
Fup fap, Nyangono, Grand barack gi them raw RAP
Play am inside snack
Man open mop I cover am with slap
Sun knack my back cover am with sap
Sun knack my head cover am with cap
Watch night style work sleep for sharp

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