[Lyrics] Kofi Mole – Monsters Dey Back

Monsters Dey Back Lyrics BY Kofi Mole”

Rapper Kofi Mole comes back with this jamming song with lyrics titled Monsters Dey Back for music lovers to enjoy.

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See some mandem wild
And eno no dey move me
Cus i was raised in the jungle
Vote dame ase kyer3 mu
Wob3 tena se nso a right now you dey fumble
My lifestyle no dey sample
Married to the game
These niqqas and tangle
Dabiaa yhani abre koo
S3 apolo season
Adey rap when necessary
Drop melodies when adey feel am
Im a beast

The last niqqa wey try me never had peace
You say you dey outside
But me pue3 manhu wo
Only we dey streets
How dare you dare me
Wode meka a how dare you air me
Tainted buses monsters dey back
Aww umm how can you scare me
Rasta man may3 fly
Wode me di agoro
Nti wo suro ade3
Man style a mon style
Nti mo sua ade3
We bad mo nbu ade3
Wo toto qanq signs nso
Wo nte ase3

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Joey B hyia me wo canta
Na mabodwes3 mpo nfu yoor
Street so akye
Sometimes i dey rem me ne swipp
Back for the conference center
Na y3huri wall ko hw3 shows
Soldier foo kye y3sa pressure
Anhw3 metumi agye blows
Only my swag could save me

Na omo hu me weezy f baby
3nso 3n3 me ne ba fro stage
Ako gye award make..qenq
Man no be God, on God
Check wo top 5 no
S3 menni mu a woy3 fraud
More than ECG y3 wo plugs yhh
Ns3monee no y3n a na y3 y33
Man no dey trap for a minimum wage
Mandem formula a million ways

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Mode we moho
Eno be serious case
Adey try everything
That be in ma curious days
Adey use ma brains
Accra hustle nti na y3 nan
Y3n anfa this plan s3 y3b3
Hw3 po y3ba ab3 to po

Afei a m3b3 dane young thuq
Mpo na mosu na me b3 dane Diddy
Wofa meho adwen fi a weewe
Your time no go top up my CV
S3 menya wo time nso a 3be Risky
Nti stay in your lane dont be s!lly
Y3n na yama Ghana adane filly
One time for my bikers
Man like KBS your bike style

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Wowo afutuo a 3y3
Mentu wode3 ma no 3nka fam
3so aba na wode me de3 abr3 me
Na wonfa me ny3 hwee
3nso 3n3 mo fr3 me
Mese wrong number
3nso still wofr3
You dey susu pon ei wobr3
Never seen a k!lla mc
Wey fly like me
Wose 3y3
Wo favourite rapper noa kyer3 qanqster
Monsters dey back NGA


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