[LYRICS] Kofi Mole – Public Service Announcement

“Public Service Announcement Lyrics BY Kofi Mole”

Versatile Ghanaian artist Kofi Mole comes through with another hip-hop banger titled PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for music lovers to enjoy. We will serve you with the lyrics soon

Megyigyi rappers so
Ano dey excuse em
Buh if i ever dey there
This be the last season
I never be weak on a mic
Pullup if you wish
Now make we sing for water
There we go see who be fish
Because of me na all you niggaz start dey drip
Wantumi pressure no, Odi merika kokyer3 ne crib
Enjoy your life in your chicken coop
Ma paddy you dey trip

Aposor love dey hypnotise your girl
See how dem dey strip down
Well this no be sinbad, this be mufasa
This be Idi Arhmi im sorry for Uganda
Nd3 de3 mose moy3 guy cox moeahunu Kanta
Well every designer still you go look like a panda
Its time to take the credit for all my inventions
Mobo medin wo close doors more than my twitter mentions
Creeping on my instagram page for swag lectures
Ibi the uzzy the thugga rocking the famous [?] Shiie wanya bebia andah me way you want sleep on
Wake your stinking axx up or you go wake my demons
I k!lled nine rappers in the same song and i breezed on

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Drop a hit record and after that top charts
Show the world my potential without a broadcast
O2 get ready for me oo i need a top buzz
Nyame se the boy go rain thats a Mole forcast
My blessing is [?], define boadmas
Rappers claiming 2pacs but all i see is Cardi Bs
You never have a millitants not even a natty lee
Ibi the picture every kiddie they paint, Mentally
Cox mep3 na mekyere omo how to be free

Your idol no be idol if he dey want make you worship am
I motivate my people, Mole go fit make a tortise run
These boys be game micking, they just wanna bossing out
Fvck drip my sh!t dey overflow i need a polytank
You know how adey right now
Adey feel like you niqqas dey feel the heat right now
Me ano dey fit come down, Ibe the hardest,
I got the hateist believe right now
Smoking all these boka rappers
Damn adey feel high now
Straight niqqa ano dey feel these niqqas

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Ny3 ndwom p3 na mebo, mebo ma adwen alongside
Mole is a threat to all these niqqas
They scared to turn my volume up
They treat me like am p0rn hub
Naa you guys for pay me for my service
This time im coming for my pay, menface
Osi Aposor sh3da [?] PP dey coming
If you no go spoil the boy, how he go feel buy a necklace
I wont feel big even if i gain weight

But this trip ano go do somethings just for fame sake
I for get hobby, my own before its too late
Did this sh!t organically no clickbase yoh
This is a message from a villin
Unapologetic, [?] aint kidding
The game be kofi Mole, Mole be the game [?] Till my last breath, aint quiting
Aposor g3g3 gansta

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