[LYRICS] Lady Saw – I’ve Got Your Man

I’ve Got Your Man Lyrics By Lady Saw –

[Intro] Girl, when you call my phone, just say what’s on your mind, okay?
Don’t call and hang up, I’m not into that. Want me to tell you something?
I’ll tell you something ..

[Verse 1] Your man he told that he’s tired of the sh*t you got
He took one hit, and said my good sh*t keeps him coming back
He likes it tight, and said that your sh*t is just a little slack
Girl don’t get mad at me, I’m only telling you the facts

[Chorus] I’ve got your man and you can’t do anything, about it
You may think he is coming back to you, but, I doubt it
Don’t no make sense for you to call him and try to, work out it

[Verse 2] He told me you don’t give him room, nor give him breathing space
And when he’s out with his friends you call him and get up on his case
He wants a girl that’s down, and do not get all in his face
And that’s why I’m here with him, cause I’m about to take your place

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(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] This is a lesson, now you listen and you learnin’
Tek care a yuh man or else you’ll lose fi yuh turn
Respec yuh man an yuh respec wi earn
Listen Lady Saw an yuh might nuh get burn
Notice when him nuh come home on time
Nuh cuss him, all yuh gotta do give him good wine
Rub down him belly an tickle at him spine
Yuh might tek a nex gal of a him in mind but

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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