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[LYRICS] Lil Dicky – DAVE

DAVE Lyrics BY Lil Dicky:

[Intro] Sometimes I feel like people only see me as this larger than life icon but I’m just a normal guy

[Verse] Hi (Hello), I’m Dave
You might know me as Lil Dicky
But there’s a lot more to me
Don’t you wanna know who I am? (Not Really)
Do you wanna meet the guy behind the guy?
Do you wanna know what the industry’s like?

What a strange life I have
Got me tripping like woah woah
“Dave ,you’re a rapper?” Oh no
Bowel movements looking like Dippin’ Dots
Probably ’cause I don’t eat fruits and vegetables
Approached by aggressive white men on the regular

I gotta record with a neck pillow on my neck ’cause the ergonomics of my desk ain’t right
My nose gets stuffed every night
I’m figgity, I’m figgity I twitch
I’m figgity, I’m v neurotic
Yes I know that I’m a rapper at the end of the day
But I think it’s time you knew me by my government name

[Outro] Hi, I’m Dave (I’m Lil Dicky)
Hi, I’m Dave (Who’s Dave?)
Hi, I’m Dave (Please watch, please)
I’m Lil Dicky, no shut up, I am Dave