[LYRICS] Lyrical Joe – Beat 2

“Beat 2 Lyrics BY Lyrical Joe” (Beat (2) two challenge)

And I perfected the art of rap
We care about the little shines from afar
So I perform to the sun and moon and feel
Like it’s not complete if the stars don’t clap
Every one in the crew is taking chances
Let me show you where my confidence is
If doctor Drew ever had a hospital
Then Him and my producer performing surgeries

Back to debating who are y’all praising?
Matured bars amatures are not in my prison!
Raw! Naked, flows are in the garden of eden and when the apple is bitten I switch from GOD to Steve. (Steve jobs)
This is mechanism the pen is a tool
And I just wrote a buggati car where the roads are not good
I dress to kill hell is where my fashion will go
As I step in heaven naked make erm see the man in my hood(manhood)
Y’all enstool this ladies on thrones
Your king is a queen it’s funny you know?
Rappers listen your senses are home so when you come to your senses I can welcome you home
You need ghost writers
What’s in you is dead you a closed casket

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Oh yeah I heard you making headlines
But what’s a baber to Medusa in this life time ?
More times I write lines that couldn’t end lives
This is life monitor bars I got your life lines
Class is over
I do this sober
Kofi yesu aka rap Jehovah my fans witness
It’s been a minute since you seen a niga this nice
This nigas chicken out I got them all in deep fries
Then sell em to kfc
It’s been a minute since I Seen a niga street wise
(Bar) beaaaast

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I p (problem) on your p get your pee depressed
Yuh boys better G O before the OG vex
I just reflect, I’m speaking from the west
Where condom is the only way the cd sells
No p ya know (Piano) me I got keys on deck
Click clack I see y’all wana take pictures
I’m lightening I don’t strike a pose I strike nigas
Regardless ima Kill it
But manifest put a price on it
Well, y3 di nam na 3yi nam
So make I pas mani top get money

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