[LYRICS] Lyrical Joe – Come Through

“Come Through Lyrics BY Lyrical Joe”.

Sometimes, sometimes we Dey use mind
Use mind Life short if you waste time you for rewind rewind
Man grind, man grind , but the results don’t come
Nana Nyame boa me cuz my strength Dey fade!

(Chorus) x2
GOD come through for me
Cuz nothing Dey wey man no do

(Verse 1)
My life like a ladies panty hard nigas want take me off
Give me m o n e y L O V E NO Be LOVE
You get bank account anaa Susu box ?
Poverty Dey shout if money talks
Lord make I cruise How Jesus go fit take the wheel
If the boy still Dey walk
I for spread my boys like my girl e legs
I for let them feel success
Because bj before penetration for no be our only success (suck sex)
Enemies coming at me cuz my pic at the top
I became the topic Tell them
I’m the letter E add me to the pic
I’ll make it epic
I’m the dream boy haters bed wet anytime
They try to piss me off
When the let me drop GOD pick me up
Wow wow wow Mirror mirror on the wall
Show them who Dey hustle hard
I pray when you wish
I fall I’ll be going high like your hopes

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(Chorus) x2
GOD come through for me
Cuz nothing Dey wey man no do

(Verse: 2)
We are still conquirng I’m a One man facing thousands Life is a ocean I no be small fish but with GOD
im a 1 man thousand
GOD let me be the dream boy
So I can watch haters bed wey anytime they try to piss me off
They say money talks ? Poverty Dey shout
Nigas is being pvssy just to be in between her legs
We had dreams but I stop sleeping
My brain is a king size
Oh lord please give me grace give me time
Please give me good luck
They say education be the key
I Know graduates dema mind lock
I be G-angster i get G-oals and on top Of it
I get big G-OD That’s 3 Gs and it’s still looking like I’m living life on the edge bro
I had a dream balling with my team
Putting all my goals in a basket
That’s how I got my Jordan (Jordin )spark ⚡
Tell me how I’m gona live with no air
Make I use my mind to feed all my people Cuz GOD!!!
If you not Getting food and water out of your head
Then There’s nothing in your coconut
Whether you like or not
GOD I’m depending on I no be the type wey go follow em Wise people never mix crowd That’s the solo in Solo-mon

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(Chorus) x2
GOD come through for me
Cuz nothing Dey wey man no do

Lyrical Joe – Come Through Lyrics