[LYRICS] Mavado – Keep Going Up

“Keep Going Up Lyrics BY Mavado”

Dancehall Giant, Mavado comes through with this brand new joint titled – Keep Going Up. ridding on Amg riddim. Production credit to DJ Frass.

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Like a eagle in the sky..focus
How mi sound?
Jah watch over mi
All dem a fight and a gwaan
Man nah give up
[Nah give up] Svck uno mumma cya none a uno cya slow mi up
And dem cya hul mi dung
And none a dem cya tie mi up
All a who wah i head fi buss dem too envious

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Hey..a keep going up,keep going up
Mi money keep going up,keep going up
Hey..ain’t slowing up
One bagga pressure but mi use to the weight
Dem coulda never stop food from mi plate
dem live inna dem feelings, mi live inna the states
Music a penetrate, left fi levitate

Bring a gyal pan a date, she say nothing nuh suh great
Loud up the place, addi city affi we
From me mek a kilo dem just a penny weight
God concentrate si cya move mountain if yuh have faith
And mi head a hul straight suh mi cya si di hate
wya see mi fall off, things fall in place
Mi count pounds and Franklin face
Every door dem close on mi, me am coing back to buy the building
A suh mi leave dem hanging dancehall pimpim
A keep going up
Keep going up
My money keep going up
Stocks and bands rolling up
Hey…ain’t slowing up

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Doe watch nuh body every man have a space
and a time nuff people say them cya make it
A di waste a di mind
Uno nuh seet seh a gaze dem a gaze
Nah sidung, mi affi search fi mine
Di pv$$y dem a live kindergarten lifestyle
Full up a nursery rhyme

Dem ano gyal but a wait pan a man thing fi shine
hustle hard every likkle combine
Mi nuh know a wahm to dem
Fvck dem a fvck and nah wine
Mi tun a dollar to a bill from di
Flat to di hill a suh mi skill
Tell mi enemy fi chill
Nuh send nuh more threats send a mill
Oil and lvck keep going up everybody [Olle,hey] Keep going up

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