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[LYRICS] Medikal – El Chapo Freestyle

El Chapo Freestyle Lyrics BY Medikal –

Medikal comes out with a brand new freestyle tagged ‘El Chapo Freestyle’. You surely gonna love this hardcore hiphop masterpiece. He also addresses hte recent trending news about his relationship with his woman “Fella”.

Enjoy and share the lyrics yet to be submitted soon below.

The Whole Truth (EL Chapo Flow)

“If you’re the world’s most famous drug Lord, responsible for untold amounts of misery and death, how do you justify what you’ve done?
Jauquin Chapo Guzman competes with a…”

Obi ma obiaa tiasi3 na mabr3 mu
Enye sika s3m a m3nfr3 min picki
Yea br3 anka y3ada nso yea hiti
Me killi carrier ressurecti
Afi wei wodi mat3ma men dissy
Dem boys never go fi keep up
Upgraded flow wei ny3 Twipop
No beef mun keepi mu kebab
I dey get more press pass keypad
Too bad afi wei me y3 timeless
Ma tra chairman call me your highness
I dey kai when nobody dey mind us

Now dem dey sleep for Google dey find us
How many hits Medikal dey give them?
Black Jesus fr3 me Mmebus3m
Poof poof poof poof be the anthem
Flow ne y3 fin ah medi holy water pus3m kans3m
B) medin ma me
Seven awards dem no give me nothing i still base
Give it to them back to back no two ways
Who be the boss? Me killi beat no all day
Taking the loss i no dey quit mana no way
Mede kato kaso deda so menbasu bossu faso
D3bi man pause cos 3y3 mu s3 ma flopu

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Odo me kasa su kasa susu kasa mewo kafa
Chelsea player b3n n3 supportu Barca
Make i see how far
Na y3 jina mu, y3 jina mu s3 pooley wo twist
Shout outs to flow Deli my godfather Chris
You dey online dey talk sh!t
3ny3 kontrol number dea i’m making a hit
OT money drip we all dey sick
Honey nie we all dey sip
Yea br3 anka we sleep
Wo nteasea fvck with my fist
You dey talk like you just chop sh!t

Mo ne hwee nti mo kasa kraa silence
Your lips dey move nso y3 mute mo
24 hours nso me mey3 timeless
Wei ny3 for sale wei y3 priceless
Panpanaa flow boys b3 t3
Ma tra punch line afei me bu b3
No cap afi wei obiaa b3 tu ky3
I dey give fvcks no celeb_ me tu tw3

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“Yeah, yeah, Silence”

Wo w) me number na delete cos 3ny3 sika s3m
M3n fr3 me na Joe me b3 block wo
Wodi me ka dea me b3 hoti wo
Wo y3 slayqueen ah me sort wo
Wo play mea me b3 pause wo
Me nforce wo bossu
Wohu me wo club 3y3 kyeame
Min chilli for free Joe gyae me
Sika y3 ohene ah mey3 kyeame
Wo ni nk)mo biaa me nhyia me nkyea me
Flyer than the Pelican, most relevant
Flow elegant, very soon i go run for president

Teacher say i never be intelligent what an animal
Now my bank account dey jey elephant
Swag on hurricane, keep it African
I no dey slung like American
Keep it deligent i be the origin
Hating on a brother na na b)ne b3n
Fa ne time aso na )de s3n )de s3n
I fit rap like Manifest, but i have to make the money first
Very soon we go take over the universe
Wo ntea sea bisa Khaled )si we the best

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Who the man (5x) Mea
Wei ny3 KelvynBoy 3y3 mea
Rap no me wui ne raw me nnuia
Wotu ne y3 fake dea me nmia
Bombing nkoa on a song me y3 Hitler
Roll with my niqqas me y3 Ristla
Pull more words together me sin stapler
Daily guide joe i’m all about the paper
Somebody tell them boy ne y3 hero
Shouts to my niqqas Swedru side zero
Kerosene i dey burn dem fvk boys
El Chapo pimpim flow ne y3 kilo

Somebody tell Fella i’m sorry
3nna atanfo ny3 mu glory
I know saay you people go dey bore me
But i still go fight for love Chuck Norris
I still love you, you my baby
I dey read wanna convos daily
I never believe say dem go break we
I dey wish you the best my lady
Wo, single and not searching
I dey live in a mansion i’m not perching
Nyame nti everyday i chop blessings
Too much class i for skip lessons
Ad3n, woa hy3 wee one plot
Bob Risky niqqas what’s up
Obi ma obiaa ntiasi3 no favours
3ny3 sika s3m ah m3n fr3 me