[LYRICS] Medikal – I’m Not Blank I’m Black

“I’m Not Blank I’m Black Lyrics BY Medikal”

Amg Beyond Control rapper, Medikal speaks for Africa in a new song He titles I’m Not Blank I’m Black. The song is a total voice that speaks against racism and for the freedom of Africa.

The record was produced by Chensee Beatz. We will drop the lyrics soon.
Is it because am black, maybe cos i got a nappy hair
Maybe its because my chain is too expensive lets be clear
Is it cos i pull up in that black Mercediz over there
Maybe its the way i walk, would there ever be an end
Black is beautiful, they never treat a nigga fair
Twisted in fault, still be standing out when i grab a chair
I spend the cash before i grab the cheque

You can take my chain, but am never letting go of my respect
Am not blank am black, is just a colorful
Sick and tired of being treated like am a criminal
When going for security checks they keep on stearing at me
I feel like some soup the way they be stearing at me
Your vision is blur, my mission is clear
You can never take away my pride, am not leaving it here
You out here, you asking me if you use Phones in Africa?
No we use panami’s i mean what the fvck is wrong with y’all
Sometimes i cant believe my hears

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I think its never gonna end, Its been how many years?
Like Kunta Kinte my never will for ever be the same
You hate me cos me am original, see me i no be fade
cos you hate my people, you hate togetherness
You never wanna see us win thats why we keep our brothers on our shoulders like the violin
We stay together like a bunch of keys
We stick together like the *****

When they see a black men in a black van they wanna shoot
When they see a white men in a black mask all they think is cool
They never teach us *******************
If you hate me cos of skin color, you not human, you belong in the zoo

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* Police Syrene *
* Switches Beat *

I was in a car in Amstardam
When a cop pulled us over
He asked for my managers passport
So he had to hand it over
They check on the drivers license
Every thing was clean
Four black boys in one van
Is over creating a scene
Four police van pulled up
Few more cops showed up on a bike
It was like a crime scene
It looked like they might get somebody whooped
Lo, a black boy took out his phone and started recording
Thats the shit they dont like
They said he had no seat belt on
It pissed off the guy on a bike
They put handcuffs on my nigga
Real shit, they locked him up
Just because he was black skin coloured
The system is so fvcked up

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Thats why the only place i call home is Ghana, West Africa
Thats why the only place i call home is Ghana, West Africa

Black is BET
Black is MTV
Black is freedom
Black is being whoever you wanna be
Black is forthsight
Black is sympathy
Black empathy

Now they trying to turn black against black with the media
Why cant we?
Fuck that am a real life Ghana
Son of the soil, everyday is summer
They wanna fuck me up and put a scar on my face like am Tony Montana
I May prolly shine forever
Black is the language i preach
I wrote this on the toilet in a plane
You just heard the fliest shit


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