[LYRICS] Popcaan – Billion Pree Ft. Quada (KING)

“Billion Pree Lyrics BY Popcaan” Ft. Quada (KING)

Unruly stamp
Man born fi it, born fi rich
Done get e gold and gone wit it
Earth or sky anuh my limit (Noo)
My limit ’ave man wan’ own di bank like Peter
Run e country like Andrews (Trouble)
Mi spliff dem loud like speaker
Bare hot gyal ah ride my bamboo (Bamboo)
Weh! Trouble!

Quada push e Benz and shame dem
Unruly live pon di plane dem
Crocodile dem wild cyan tame dem
Gyal ah fight over wi like scare dem

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Billions movement, billion pree (Weh!)
Tun on di sport pon di AMG
Daddy inna di earth
Man ah K.I.N.G (Weh!)
Billions movement, billion pree
Wi nuh chatty mout’, wi nuh MC
Dane Ray dat ah speed off wid di (…..)
Wid ah 1K (Brrrp)
Ghetto yutes
Overseas ah wah mi wan’ go
Life change, blessings come
gone up which bank

We gone a wells Fargo cya dis
Unruly me a warn yuh yeah
Call Sharon cya talk to me direct rose to di gold
Diamond full di gad neck
Boy dis Quada Remington
Connect spaceship lift off and leave dis planet
We know zink fence we know
Cold floor man nah pre gun
nor war man a pre London
Pon tour ghetto youth
Billions movement billion pree
Turn on di sport pon di AMG
God inna di earth man a K.I.N.G

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Billions movement billion pree
We nuh chatty mouth dawg
We nuh M.C Dane Ray dat a speed
Off with di m3 with a one kay
Me tell grandma me nah go be
Nuh criminal inna poverty di
Killy never wah stay use to
Hungry like seh me live a