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[LYRICS] Quada – Pain

Pain Lyrics BY Quada: Quada is back with another masterpiece music single titled “Pain” which was produced By Drop Top Records & Unruly Ent.

[Intro] Yeah
If yuh never, now unuh know enuh
Wild Crocodile
See pree

[Verse 1] Mi go
Clap it up, clap it up, cah dem hurt mi feelings
Mi nuh like see people, so mi nuh go inna dealings
Nuff lonely road di Don ah walk
If ah never fi music, mi mad no bloodclaat
Mi see, nuff ghetto yute live pon sidewalk
Accidentally dem future write off
Wi nuh laugh wid di upper class
Nor get badmind when dem ah floss

[Chorus] Dem say life come with pain
Sunshine come after rain
Quada Don wild forever mi cyan tame
Cyan draw mi out, so mi stay inna mi lane (Mhmm)
Pain nuff inna life
That’s why mi firm and nah stop fight
Mi nuh wan’ gone jail, do not mek mi tek yuh life
And mi know fi wul it out at di stop light

[Verse 2] Done see how mankind medz already
Vanity mek everything temporary
If yuh follow dem, ah just yuhself ah bury
Dem woulda wan’ see yuh crash yuh car pon di ferry

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