[LYRICS] Rygin King – King Nah Leave

King Nah Leave Lyrics BY Rygin King.

Fi true
Nuh feel no way
Nuh feel no way
Oh God
Oh God (Ahhh)
A Thousand shall stand by your side
A hundred may fall by your right side
But matter wah hurt site
Mi still have believe
Cah man a lion a di jungle dem a poison
I was born as the nike line
Mummy yuh son gone high dawg
And di words inna di song
A gimi goosebumps
And mi feel like cry

Member unu seh king step out
Now mi deh pon the road
Dawg mi nah leave unu out (Hey)
Man ago mek unu proud
A unu show mi support
nah me nah leave unu out
Nah sell out weh dem talk bout
Far we came to where we are now
A nu things can talk bout
Just a mek mi fren dem know

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