[LYRICS] Squash – Best Time

“Best Time Lyrics BY Squash” Brand new song by Squash titled “Best Time”.

Best pvssy ina di world
Yuh have it yere
Mia tell yuh
Did know di star afi shine
Regular yuh run cross mi mind
Wha di fvck you mean fi tek me time
Yuh real wid it yu never lie
Oh God baby
Ah so yu pvssy tight
yu nipple dem pretty mi bite
Mi cya get enough ah yu
Mi cya satisfy
Mia massage yuh pum pum
Babes dat yuh like
I wanna be fvcking you like everyday
Fvcking you like every night
A mi life,A mi life
I wanna fvck with you like everyday
Fvck with you like every night
Weh you like
Tell mi weh yu like

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Mek me light mi spliff
What time is
Mek mi dim di light
Ride mi d!c
Yu know you pvssy tight
Yu never lie wid it
And yu a mek a ragga noise
How yu so dramatic
Dash weh di phone
Bruk up di chip
You alone me want nuh need another chick
Fi a gyallis like me dats a bad habit
Mi addicted to you
Like a drug addict
Yeah yuh turn me on
Nah use no boots ina yuh womb mi gone
Bad gyal ina di bed
Yuh know how fi perform
When yu pvssy get we3t
you show me sign
A glory time
You blow me mind
Put yuh pvssy pon mi coc
Fast, slow then rewind
Miss perfect yu name
Yuh l!ck di fudge yuh nu shy
Yu have di best mouth di best pvssy
Ma deh deh fi life

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