[Lyrics] Teephlow – Genesis ft. Worlasi

“Genesis Lyrics BY Teephlow ft. Worlasi”. Ghanaian heavyweight rapper, Teephlow unleashes a brand new song with lyrics dubbed Genesis featuring Worlasi

The song “Genesis” is lifted from his just-released project “Phlowducation 2″ Album. We will serve you the full lyrics.
it all started with the dollar and dream
Rydee phlowducation be the theme
Kotokuraba yh i grew up on the street
M’asem shy3 me tsrim
Never solo we roll into any deep
3act phony ne case ah
We’ll be fvkn up ur screen yeah
Bla boso hw3 erh
Rehearse ten years mpo ah
I will make you look unprepared

Kind of rapper
Me ma freestylefo nu wotwe pen
So they want me dead buh woehu d3 mey3 walking dead
Tsi wosurom
And is ironic cos idey pull up in a ghost
Me corn shodys se k!lla mewo doe
Dey no dey see top this be level from the coast
You no fi walk in ma shoes menan de da fom
K!lla maaba s3 3feel
Na aba me k!ll ma Ghana
Am a [email protected] Lord and king bisa kinapharma
Wala anamo a eletu po kyer3d3 u svck hype
Na 3p3 pii a k3 link Nana Aba

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Ama fvkn beast
Ama fvkn k!lla please
Wondering what is at ma sleeps
Buh me nuh naa getting puzzles up in piece
Dedy bo, Dedy bo
We dey work, you dey show
We dey work, you dey scroll
Fitkyim press and you know

Ouuu weee
Na you too see
Ogbini gbiri kala obogp
Gbara gbara mi gbara ologpi
Omiti gpana ologpi
Ouuu weee
Na you too see
Ogbini gbiri kala obogp
Gbara gbara mi gbara ologpi
Omiti gpana ologpi

Teephlow y3 wack boy
Waadwen nu mboa we half
Kasa poole wol3 ame na me topi chart
I came back with a weapon like a porcupine
Mey3 kramonyi we no fi meat
Fa wo pork ko ai
We told stories now
The show calling
Nobody helped
Ebisa mboa wol3 soo sorry
Show shine boy nd3 me nti na nkorofo li queue
I merhn am feeling soo polished
I swear am feeling soo blessed
Sh!t is soo Biblical mern
I used to be ridiculed till
I got riddele oh yeah

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Me kidi wo
Abrabo nye meri ko was pitiful
I couldnt look in a mirror this is a miracle
We bringing you lyrical syllables
Mbir reso yeah
Hopping up for clinical
Put u in a critical mess
Madanfo Philip se menum nsem nu filli po yeah
If is [email protected] in Africa we pull in a tin sedan
Put the peddles to the metal for the ghetto mey3 r3bel

Jump on the track
Ibe huddles claim head me behead wo
Potato on the Barrel buh bull3t nu b3 disturb wo
You no dey on ma level
See the money we embezzle err
Maay3d3 p0rn star
fvckin up the scene
Psycho ma me piece
Wey i make e rest in peace
Haffi make e rain on u
H3n sika na y3di water bodies
And this is just the money from the streams
Your flow dey bite tears
Simon indeed
Mekasa Nyame nti so
I pray to the demon in me

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Never paid for pvsy
Ashaw0 mpo se me nwo ne free
Asooden mentsi maay3tsed3 imum a onom wee
came in late but the fire was while early
Merhn am sorry phlowducation no come out early
they know am not the type to fck with
I got these b!tches pissed off like Rkelly

See me chillin with ya master
Too man fvkn monster
No dey barb anything rockstar


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