[LYRICS] Vybz Kartel – Then You and Me

“Then You and Me Lyrics BY Vybz Kartel

[Intro] Mi heart yuh wa rip out
See it yah
See it yah
See it yah

[Verse 1] Di people dem weh yuh woulda die for
A dem quick fi bruk your vibes dawg
Treat you like a light bulb, on & off
But a weh me do you dat so cruel?
You go out a yuh way fi hurt me
And mi go out a mi way fi hurt you
We keep going round inna circle
No, this a cya love, this a surgery

[Chorus] You too lie, mi too jealous
Mi so cross, you so fed up
A long time you wah fi cut
Mi cya stay, mi cya leave
See it yah

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