[LYRICS] Wendy Shay – Kut It

“Kut It Lyrics BY Wendy Shay”
(Kraman koti,Come on cut it)

[Intro] Haaaa
Roff Town Records
Its wendy shay on the beat

I woke up this morning
Last man no sleep so im yawing ei
Dem say good morning But what is good about this morning
Life no be fair,another chip but[?] You can not complain the system hard so no money dey

I know yawa oo
Dem want flop we
I know yawa oo
Girls dey hustle
I know yawa oo
My boy lef me
I know yawa oo
We still dey here
I know yawa oo
Go oo down low
As you dey dance make you go down low
Forget your worries make you go down low
Clap and tap your feet go low

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Come on kut it, abaaa
Come on kut it,fraustration, Come on kut it
And depression, Come on kut it, sheiiii
Come on kut it, got it, got it, got it
Come on kut it,Come on kut it
Got it, got it, got it,Come on kut it

To my girlis and my slay queens
Who they hustle for the money
Keep your head up and dont cry
Baby girl dont worry ooo
Black woman on the street
How do i make it in this heat
Ibi like history want repeat
Cos mama too dey on the street eii
Monday to sunday you work hard but food no dey dey
Same thing but different day thing you work hard
I more time no dey

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