[LYRICS] Why Cue – Time

“Time Lyrics BY Why Cue”,

Hook x2:

I said Please dont waste my time
Young nigga on my grind
She give falaysh no problem
These diamonds keep hurtin eyes
Im getting to that bag on time
Percosets on my mind
Took a jet im g5 flying
She keep callin my line

I said please dont waste my time
Bitch im tryna get mine
Lil Bitch dont blow my high
She keep spittin my rhymes
Smokin gas to the face im fried
Roll the backwood puffin on lime
I been gettin money like its crime
Bitch im still in my prime
I got Percosets on my min
Got the curtains up in my ride
Get a double cup pour my lines
Keep the shades on when i shine
Park the benz then im g5 flying
These niggas they ain’t my kind
You niggas done killt my vibe
They had 2 free my slime
Louie V on my waist
Smoking grams of a purp to the face
Yeen hurd about gang you late
I got big bandz on my plate
Take ya ass out ain’t no date
Diamonds got drip like a lake
New gucci belt wit the snake
Bitch i need 10 my rate

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Hook x2: