[LYRICS] Wiz Khalifa – So gangster

“So gangster lyrics BY Wiz Khalifa”

So gangster lyrics
I used to rock braids with the hat to the back
Used to hit the road take trips for the pack
Used to sag my pants act hard when I rapped
Cause pixburgh niggas don t take no slack
Used to have to sell weed for lunch everyday
Used to duck shots at the park just to play
Used to have to make sure my mom knew I was safe
Used to tell lies to my pops sad to say

Now I m 32 and I see things different
S all about love it ain t all about the image
Say they down for you when it s hot they dippin
Police come around put that out they trippin
Ridin round the city fo deep roof missin
Hardest in the city we the ones they mention
Gotta get this money cause I gotta pay rent
And if it don t make dollars then it don t make sense then
Wanna get paid then you gotta have vision
Ridin with a bad yellow b***h no simpson

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So so so gangster (x4)

A young stoners dream
Stash cheese peas while I sip McQueen
My niggas the real thing no player I own the team
And if you in my car you smokin trees
If you gang then you gang ain t no in between
Keep it G ain t no time for no sympathy
Seen it all so I value the simple things
I on flex couple chains couple simple rings
Go to dinner we don t order what the menu brings
That s some boss s**t you seen in a movie
Everywhere I go I m seen with a doobie
Niggas cool but they really don t move me
Snatch girls you might think I m a bully
Imma need me a two piece

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No lie that s truthfully
When it s all said and done it s either you or me
Learned how to ball no hoopin league
Top down no roof for me
You hear the crowd how they root for me
Here s a pound roll a few for me
I kick em out I m exclusive please
This is my house Imma need you to leave
They don t know the difference
From a n***a keepin it real and straight trippin
I hop in my whip on them thangs I m straight dippin
You want me to put you on game just pay attention
I m never slippinnn

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