Millionaire promises to double the salary of ‘tw3rking‘ nurse, pay her 10 years in advance if ‘fired‘

Millionaire promises to double the salary of ‘tw3rking‘ nurse, pay her 10 years in advance if ‘fired‘ a few days ago, reported that Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association has instructed all District and Regional Executives to search for the ‘nurse’ twerking in a viral video.

Although the Association has condemned the act, it is unclear whether the lady in the video is a nurse or someone purporting to be one.

In a statement, the Association strongly disapproved of “such capers by Nurses and Midwives and regards the twerking in a professional uniform as unacceptable conduct and a disgrace to our noble profession.”

Those who are worried about the plight of the nurse that the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwifery Council has been searching for to punish over her viral twerking video, please be informed that she is covered if any adverse action is taken against her.

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Ghanaian millionaire HRH Oscar Yao Doe, the owner of Doscher Group Holdings who said the nurse did nothing wrong by twerking while in uniform has vowed to ensure her possible sacking becomes a blessing for her instead of a punishment.

According to him, he will double the pay of the nurse and pay 10 years in advance should the GRNMC relieve her of her duty as a result of the controversial twerking.

Defending the yet-to-be-identified nurse, Oscar Yao Doe claimed that she was only expressing her beauty through art and culture, and must not be punished for it.

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A few days ago, video of a nurse hit the internet and immediately went viral, this was due to the fact that she was dancing to “Chocho Mucho” by Bless. Her act has generated several reactions on social media, with many questioning in her professionalism – how can she be dancing while on duty, even though it’s hard to tell if she carried out the act during working hours. Millionaire and owner of Doscar Group Holdings, HRH Oscar Yao Doe has come to her defence, classifying her dancing as a form of expression of her beauty through art and culture. He stated this after report surfaced that Midwife & Nursing Council will relieve the said nurse of her duty. HRH Doe expressed his appreciation to the council for the selfless work they put in place during this pandemic which has led to a surge in the number of recoveries within the past couple of days. However, he said, the decision to relieve the nurse of duty isn’t right. He promised to double the salary of the nurse for ten years if the council proceed with their decision.

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