MsSupa – PSA Remix Lyrics

“MsSupa – PSA Remix Lyrics”

(Intro: MsSupa)
They say a party ain’t a party/
Till Supa ran through it
Always game with some fluids
Let my liquor talk through dis’
You’re game? Let’s do it!
You’re in the game
And them niggas don’t get you phased
You’re my chick, lets do dis’

(Verse 1: Gigi Lamayne)
Never got recognition for the strides that I’ve made
Won’t you check the resume clearing winning clearly paid
I got cults of little women pledging oath
And a few bone throwers that be stalking via crows
But I’m setup like a deal gone bad
Harlot in the business better gimme my cash
Pics on the gram selling music is it a$$?
Can no one ever claim it cause Its limited stash
You wishing you can, I’m bring it back
A born free but I swear I hold these bars down
Sun city goons when you other people touch down
And I ain’t talking ‘bout some Bacay with hash browns
Talking ‘bout it’s shots if you gone fumble with heirs crown
Like what now, I don’t do this sh!t for clout
Repping since 11, you could ask the folks in my town
Ain’t no sucker business when we talking banks and accounts
When tally figures you gone put this clit in your mouth

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(Chorus: MsSupa)
I’ve been doing this for long
About so small
About so big
About this tall
I’ve been doing this for long
About this width
About this flow
About this grit
I’ve been doing this for long
About this small
About this big
About this tall
I’ve been doing this for long
About this width
About this flow
About this grit
I’ve been doing this for long

(Verse 2: Moozlie)
Perfectly positioned back on my bullsh!t
Shut the fvck up you ain’t gon’ do sh!t
Got a pinstripe suit cause I’ve been through it
Don’t step up to the bars cause bitch I do this
Finger on the trigger Blanco never miss
Let this bullet give your forehead a little kiss
This the ocean, I’m a shark you’re a little fish
You think I’m whack? Like I said, I think you ain’t shit
You pave the way now these niggas want a smooth ride
Want a free pass, please they can ki$$ my a$$
They can take several seats in the way back
Cause queens like me ain’t got no time for that chit chat
I may be crazy but I ain’t a f–king maniac
The pity party shit you know that I ain’t really into that
Came up from Bencity and they never really taught us that
I ain’t gonna stop until I’m sure my pockets hella phat

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(Verse 3: Nelz)
I been doing this for long, and since ke sali teng
What’s with all the hate? Mang’fika ngsaluthen
Give me a break
Recently went to Mafikeng
And the vibe daar iteng
Manje we chasing Ks
Stack em up, skanda stairs
Rappers fall, like musical chairs
Talkin’ bout change
But y’all ain’t never made change
Man, I swear it’s really strange
I been doing this for long
And y’all singing the same song
Going back and forth like ping pong
Would it hurt to get along?
We know you whack but we still play along
Now you got an ego, Ay uWrong
Any way, pass me the bong
Thinking back, rocking Billabong
Bunking school to record a song
Tell the squad tag along
Now everybody on
International, bheka everybody gone

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(Outro: MsSupa)
Bheka balale phansi
LeRap ngiyenz’ ucansi
They go on all fours, I f–k it up real slow
Now who be ridin’?
Who the nigga?
Who the b!tch here?
Now who the wrapper?
Who the sweet?
Who catching feels here?