My daughter was not suicidal and her death was a result of alcohol and drug abuse – Anele’s Father confirms

‘My daughter was not suicidal and her death was a result of alcohol and drug abuse’, Anele’s Father confirms | Anele Tembe’s father has confirmed the cause of death during his speech at the burial ceremony.

He said that his daughter was not suicidal and her death was a result of alcohol and drug abuse.

“As Anele’s father, I categorically state that Anele was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide. We must as a matter of priority deal with the scourge that bedevils our youth. Alcohol is overused and drugs. We have a serious problem with substance abuse,” he said.

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This is quite shocking and opposite to what the rumours were saying. According to some rumours circulating on social media, Anele’s cause of death was suicide and it seems people were expecting her father to say that as seen by their comments on social media.

Here are some of the opinions from the public,

“He would never admit that its suicide because it will look like he failed as a parent.. Our parents hardly accept it when told that your child has this issue they will always want a child to be perfect”

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“Our parents are always in denial when it comes to mental health issues; right now he doesn’t know why she resorted to alcohol and drugs but quick to dismiss depression.”

It is sad that South Africa has lost a wonderful and talented soul to abuse of drugs and alcohol. Many people fall into abuse and most of the time people do not realise it until it is too late.

The pastors at the reception mentioned different things during their addresses. One talked about sacrifices in life and the other mentioned women abuse and oppression. This has resulted in people judging and concluding that there is some bit of tension between the Forbes family and the Tembe family.

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