My Sister’s Husband Has Been ch0pping Me Secretly For The Past 9 Years – Please I Need Your Advice

“My Sister’s Husband Has Been ch0pping Me Secretly For The Past 9 Years – Please I Need Your Advice”

I Am a single mum of 1 daughter. She is 4 years old. I came from a family of 4 children 3 girls and a boy and me last born 24 years. Our parents separated when I was 9 so we stayed with our dad who later got sick paralyzed from one side.

Due to illness he didn’t have any strength controlling us and our eldest sister was like our mother but she was busy too with school and working because we were very poor. When I was 13 she introduced her boyfriend to us, he was so nice to us and he became like our first brother, he will buy me and my immediate sister clothes and take us out and me I had a great bond with him just like brother and sister and his place was just 5 mins walk to my school and that day I finish school and went to greet him, he was watching the television inside when he served me drink and food.

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I ate and told him I had to go home he said to me not to worry that he will drop me, that was how he slept with me and it was my first time since I had friends who had already had seex and when they were telling me how sweet it is and how they felt like big girls, it used to makes me jealous and I wanted to try too so I didn’t feel bad that I slept with him and to me, it wasn’t rape.

I went home all excited even next day at school I told my friends that I had s*x but didn’t tell them it was with my sister’s boyfriend so we continued having s3x behind my sister back and he will buy me gifts he even bought me phone my first phone ever. They got married when I was 17 and I did abortion for him a month before the wedding than another one at 19 years and the third one was my daughter which I refuse to abort and I had her at 20 years but we are still sleeping together even after they married then I had 2 more abortions for him.

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Now I’m pregnant again almost 5 months and he wants me to do abortion I said no because the fourth one nearly killed me he said I should keep the baby and give her to my sister since she hasn’t conceived since they got married 7 years now and I have told him it’s okay but I want to stop the relationship and moved on with my life and I’m not even sure if the baby belongs to him because my immediate sister who also got married 3 years ago had her first child early this year I went helping her and I have slept with her husband 4 times so am not sure if the baby belongs to elder sister husband or immediate sister.

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PAY ATTENTION: Nigeria Guy Explain How He Won $10,000 In Playing Bet With This Trick. I’m in a big dilemma but the biggest problem is my elder sister’s husband doesn’t want to end the relationship with me he beats me twice just because I stopped picking his calls and he is threatening to kill me, our daughter, and himself. I don’t want him anymore, I want to give my life to Christ and relocate far away from both my sisters and I won’t tell any of them the secrets. Please I need your sincere advice