Pictures: Lasizwe posts new Bae

Famous socialite Lasizwe Dambuza has shown Mzansi his new bae. Posting on Twiiter, Lasizwe added two pictures of a man holding him with both hands from behind. Unfortunately, he is not ready to show us the face of his new partner.

Taking to Twitter he posted,

“If I post my partner today and again tomorrow, and you notice that they are not the same, please don’t make your problems mine.”
Pictures: Lasizwe posts new Bae

Many are surprised if Lasizwe and the popular DJ Warras have already hit it off. Just two months back Lasizwe was crying and saying he had given up on men after his lover then had lied and left him.

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Some of his fans are really happy that he has found love again. Here are some of their comments:

“When you happy we happy for you.”

“Live your life wena mntase, people who hurt us continue to live their best lives while we get shunt nge promiscuity and moving on too quickly..LIVE YOUT LIFE.”

“Post wena baby…we only live once.”

So that’s why you were asking why we steal men? Now you are even forced to hide his face because partner theft is on the rise lol.”

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“ I am truly happy for you. If it ends in tears I will be here to offer a shoulder to cry on.”

“White guy niiiiicccceeee, they don’t cheat.”

“ That is how it is Lasizwe…they break your heart. You cry, get over him, get up and find another goes on. Mjolo goes on ..Keep going ..keep posting.”

“Y’all better allow him to be happy he deserves that much, wa heart broken or not it’s none of y’all business, Congratulations Wena nunie.”

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However, other people feel he will be hurt like last time. They feel he has jumped back into the game a bit quicker than expected and usually such decisions end in tears. Fans against this are saying,

“This will end in tears. Bazokuphinda”

“What happened to taking an ‘Executive decision of dating yourself’?”

“How many livers do you possess?? WOW bhuti isibindi sakho.”

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