Pictures: Meet Duduzane Zuma’s Wife

Pictures: Meet Duduzane Zuma’s Wife | Of late Duduzane Zuma has been making all sorts of headlines. He is well known for keeping his private lives under wraps but it seems Duduzane Zuma is a married man. Dududzane Zuma has been linked to Former Generations actress Thuli Phongolo. However, the two have since openly rubbished the rumours that they are dating.

Thuli denied being romantically linked with Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma. On the other hand, Duduzane claimed that he doesn’t even know her that much.
Pictures: Meet Duduzane Zuma’s Wife

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The rumours of their alleged affair were sparked by a series of Thuli vacation photos in Dubai. Thuli recently went on a sizzling vacation in Dubai and posted a snap of her bae and tweeps speculated that her boyfriend’s tattoo looks like Duduzane’s tattoo, who has moved to Dubai.

In a series of tweets, Thuli debunked the allegations that she is dating the hunk, and surprise surprise, homegirl does not even know Duduzane.
Pictures: Meet Duduzane Zuma’s Wife

Her response comes just after a Twitter user accused Duduzane of lying in his recent interview where he also denied that he and Thuli are not an item.

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In a recent interview with Podcaster Mac G recently Duduzane decided to set the record straight on this matter. When asked whether they are an item or not he initially said he didn’t need to answer it as it is his business.

Then he asked Mac G if Thuli had ever commented on the matter. When Mac G pressed him for it, he made it clear that he has never met Thuli let alone date her.”Thuli is a beautiful young woman, doing her thing, and l wish her all the best. I don’t know her and l have never met her.”

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