Rayvanny – Corona Lyrics

“Rayvanny – Corona Lyrics”. WCB Wasafi leading act after Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny releases a new song titled “Corona“. enjoy the lyrics below.

Corona, corona, corona

Wote tumuombe Mungu kwa hili janga
Ikibidi lipite
Tujihadhari na tujikinge
Ili lisitufike
Habari kote duniani zimesambaa
Ugonjwa unaua na hauna tiba
Na wengine wetu masikini hatujiwezi
Mwenyezi Mungu kawe tiba

Corona, corona, corona
Corona, corona, corona

All of us lets pray to God
For this epidemic to pass
Lets take precautions and protect ourselves
So that it doesn’t reach us
There are news all over the world
The disease is a killer and no medication
And some of us are in poverty and can’t afford
May God be our medicine


Our children in school
Our mothers at the markets
Travelling to work
Lets protect ouselves

Wash your hands
Avoid unnecessary meetings
If you see the symptoms
Visit health facilities early

Corona, corona, corona
Corona, corona, corona
Corona, corona, corona
Corona, corona, corona

Measures have been taken
We have given our different precautions
Tha we are supposed to take
Let me emphasize my fellow Tanzanians

Its good we continue
Taking all precautions, at all means
This disease is a killer, and killing very fast
Let me ask you my fellow Tanzanians

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Lets take this seriously
Lets not neglect
Its a must we take measures
To protect ouselves from this problem

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